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Hills of Home

Recall days of childhood,
The farm I used to roam,
I often long for bygone days,
With pleasant thoughts of home.

I wish I could go back there,
If only for a day.
But I know if I were able,
I'd long to always stay.

I loved the woods in springtime,
With flowers blooming bright.
The birds would sing delightful songs
Then suddenly take flight.

I loved the hills in winter
And skating on the creek.
The glimmer of the flashing blades
The ice so smooth and sleek.

I loved the summer meadows,
The fragrance of the hay.
Down forest paths I'd wander,
In fern glades I would lay.

The colors of the autumn woods,
The fragrance of the leaves.
The squirrels gathering winter food,
The trickle of the eaves.

Oh, how I long for times long past,
The places that I roamed.
Someday I hope to go back to
The majestic hills of home.

©Mary Alward 2001
(Do not use without permission)
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Midi "Daydreams" is used with permission
and is copyright © 2000 Bruce DeBoer

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